It’s All About Communication!

Getting out of debt is very hard work! It takes persistence. It takes determination. It take consistency. It takes sacrifice. Sometimes it takes ingenuity. But the thing that helped us the very most in getting out of debt was COMMUNICATION!   We began our debt-free journey by taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class. We Read More

May 2018 Menu

After last month’s Frugal Fail and going over the grocery budget, I needed to re-group. I completed an inventory of meals that could be made from items in our freezer and pantry. This month we’ve decided to use those meals, mixed with end-of-year school banquets (our youngest child is graduating from high school!), to get Read More

Frugal Fail: Skimping on the Grocery Budget

So last month I talked about how we were going to trim our grocery budget even further than we already had. I was SURE we could do it. And we’d use the extra to pay off our debt even faster. I was so sure we could do it I went ahead and paid extra on Read More

Save Money by Making Your Own Bread

You’ll have to make a small investment up front, but afterwards you will enjoying reaping the rewards for years to come! Food storage products you need to keep on hand include: a wheat grinder (I have the Nutrimill Electric Grain Mill and LOVE it!) a mixer (My choice is my KitchenAid Stand Mixer that I’ve Read More

April 2018 Menu & Grocery Shopping Haul

March Update: We spent $380 total on groceries. Of that total, $140 was food storage deals (bacon, chicken, flour, some canned items). April Grocery Budget: We’ve budgeted $320 total for the month and don’t have any leftover from March to carry over. I’ll be picking up my Walmart grocery order (total of $160)  tomorrow afternoon. Read More

Our Side Hustle: Studio 513

I’ve been running a small business from our home for a couple of years and specifically chose a generic name for the business so I could branch out into other areas later if desired. My decision for a generic name came in super handy last year when MY business became OUR business. We definitely branched Read More

March 2018 Menu & Grocery Shopping Haul

February 2018 Update: We budgeted $400 and spent $395. In addition to the online grocery pickup at Walmart for $203, there were a few things I forgot and also a few things additional we purchased throughout the month because they were good deals or because we needed them, including: $22 for 20# of oranges for Read More

Budget Analysis by Percentages

Once you start seeing your debt go down, it’s kind of addicting, in a fun sort of way, to try to find ways to make it go down faster. We’ve been studying and analyzing our budget to see how we can squeeze out a little more cash to pay off debt faster. You can analyze Read More

Mind Shift

It was a cold, January morning. I’d arrived at the classroom a little early to help our instructor set up chairs and get the TV/DVD set up, excited for a new lesson about Financial Peace from Dave Ramsey. I was feeling pretty good about our financial situation and how we had managed our money throughout Read More