April 2018 Menu & Grocery Shopping Haul

March Update: We spent $380 total on groceries. Of that total, $140 was food storage deals (bacon, chicken, flour, some canned items).

April Grocery Budget: We’ve budgeted $320 total for the month and don’t have any leftover from March to carry over. I’ll be picking up my Walmart grocery order (total of $160)  tomorrow afternoon. I also plan to shop for a few sale items at Macey’s, a local grocery store, for about $30. That will leave an additional $43 per week for the remaining three weeks of the month to purchase milk, eggs, and fresh produce.

This month I’ll be using a lot of the free recipes from Menus 4 Moms. It’s a great site with a wealth of information regarding prepping and freezing your food for quick and easy meal preparation.

A few breakfast meals:

One of my favorite and most affordable places to purchase long-term food storage products is at Grandma’s Country Foods. They’re located at 386 W 9400 S in Sandy, Utah, but you can also order online. The dehydrated eggs are so nice to keep on hand to add to pancake mix or even when making cookies so you don’t use up your fresh eggs. The Country Cream dry milk is the best I’ve found. It mixes better than most brands, and I think it tastes fine (although my husband says there is NO powdered milk brand that tastes fine). You can watch a review HERE.